Lori Tritel Voice-over Artist

   For bookings and auditions
   call CESD at: 310-475-2111
   Email Lori: lori@loritritel.com

All Student demos are produced and directed by Lori Tritel.

Aaron Fairbanks - Commercial

Doug Farrington - Animation

Doug Farrington - Commercial

Brian Patrick Nichols - Commercial

Dawn-Lyen Gardner - Animation

Dawn-Lyen Gardner - Commercial

Amelia Borella Animation

Sachie Alessio - Commercial

Todd Gajdusek -Animation

Todd Gajdusek - Commercial

Allyson Kulavis - Animation

Allyson Kulavis - Commercial

Anna Hundtoft - Commercial

Carl Wawrina - Commercial

Chris Spangenberg - Commercial

Chris Tergliafera - Commercial

Halle Pickering - Animation

Hallock Beals - Commercial

Jill Penfold - Commercial

Ken Solo - Commercial

Marissa Leon - Commercial

Michael Willens - Animation

Joe Piro - Commercial

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