Lori Tritel Voice-over Artist

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The Bell Tritel Master Voiceover Class is a Digital Download or 2-DVD Set that you can watch, listen to and learn from on your computer, iPad, Kindle, phone, or any device! FOR ONLY $79.95, you get two professional voiceover classes that you can return to, and learn from again and again!

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"Michael's gift as a teacher is to take us out of our comfort zone, exploring and enhancing our acting ranges. For those new to animation, he brings to his students years of experience, as well as a foundation and technique that will benefit all aspects of their voice-over career."
Bob Bergen – Porky Pig

"If voiceover is what you aspire to do, Lori Tritel and Michael Bell are at the very top of this industry. I've been a VO engineer for over thirty years and have worked extensively with both of them. This is a must if you want to up your game."
George Thompson – veteran studio engineer

"Michael Bell has an understanding of what is needed in voice direction that few of today's voice directors possess. His skill at being able to communicate with the actor and quickly get the performance needed is tremendous." Debi Derryberry – voice actress

"Lori Tritel is an AMAZING, insightful coach. Her ability to hone in on what needed tweaking and fixing was and is invaluable!" Hope Levy, Owner of www.voiceactorsnetwork.com

"I highly recommend that you line up and learn anything you can from this excellent, very talented man!" Kat Soucie – Voice Actress

"Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, Lori takes the time to listen intently and to hone in on your weak areas, and you will hear the improvements in your reads at the end of every session. She has been crucial in my development and success as a voice actor. Take her class."
John Jennings – Voice Actor and Puppeteer

"If you're looking for a teacher who'll give it to you straight and prep you for this very competitive field, look no further than Michael Bell."
Cam Clarke – Voice Actor

"Lori Tritel and Michael Bell have an exceptional ability to notice, and seize, opportunities that are teachable moments. Without derailing the momentum of a performer's stride, they quickly convey helpful insight, clear and concise." Kent McCaman – voiceover director and voice actor

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